Bridal Warm Make Up For Cold Season


In winter there is less moisture, and makeup is saved on your face better; heavyer dramatic look is better than summer light, winter lighting adds a romantic aroma. Winter wedding makeup rules and some recommendations particularly for trendy makeup looks.

Wedding winter  brings with it all associated products: winter wedding dress, winter hair design and of course – makeup a custom for the winter.

Adjust the make-up to season

Winter makeup has a distinct advantage. There less moisture problem. In fact, probably your noon makeup easily survive until the end of the big night.  Light is Different in winter  during the day, more gray and dark colors”.  “In addition, all weddings are held indoors in winter, and lighting in a closed area will be completely different than open space. I recommend  to find out  what would be the type of lighting in the evening wedding.

The dramatic appearance: heavy winter

The dramatic look very suitable for winter wedding, because it could afford to be full of makeup, without worrying that  it will melt in moisture.” Also, dark colors composed from the dramatic appearance may look a little bit heavy in the summer.

How to create that look? Smoked eyes in dark gray shades, pearl, or the most trendy color of this winter – a bronze. Cat eye could be created with pulling eyeliner up over the eye, and you should apply several layers of mascara or false eyelashes, thickening dramatic lashes. The dramatic appearance of the lipstick is red lipstick, ranging from red to bright cherry red. If you want to go through with it, try a dark red nail polish.

The mysterious appearance: strict classical

If you really love vintage your wedding dress has lots of lace or pearls, probably the perfect look for you is a mysterious look. Achieve it by thin black eyeliner makeup, topped with an antique pink shadow or white pearl. Eyelashes blackened bold several layers of mascara, bright pink cheeks and lips bright red lipstick domain carefully. It shows a meticulous and classic, and is very suitable for a wedding in Winter.

Ice-queen look: bright silver

If you want superior and distant beauty, this is the most correct appearance this winter. How to create it? Bold eye liner in shades of gray, white or light blue. Cold and silver shadows in shades like silver, pearl, blue – gray or light gray. Bright silhouette can continue under the eye, creating a bright look further. Shades of lipstick  used are pale pink or purple plum.You have courage?