Choose the right corrector shade for You

Choose the right corrector shade

Every makeup artist keeps a wide range of color correctors in their makeup kit. At home, you probably don’t need as much in your own makeup collection, all you might need is just a few basic colors, such as:

Light-green – to cover any redness or pimples on a fair complexion.

Olive – might be used to cover some redness on darker complexion.

Salmon-pink – is the best shade to cover bluish darkness under eye area, covers the vanes.

Light Purple (violet) – covers yellow shades on your skin.

Apricot (yellow) – brighten your skin

Please please please, don’t use too light shade of concealer as a corrector, your skin will end up looking grey.

If you know that you have one of these problems that need to be corrected, maybe all you need to carry in your makeup collection is just one right shade