Daytime Makeup

Daytime makeup is slightly different from the evening look. The colors  should be neutral, pastel shades. In contrast to the evening make-up when you can safely enjoy dark eyeliner, dark shadows and bright, saturated color lipstick. In daylight these colors will look too defiantly and vulgar.

A very important part of the make-up is the complexion. Therefore very important correctly select the foundation tone. Do not forget that foundation is a tool that selected not only for the reason that match your shade, don’t forget about the type of your skin. Today there are many different products with vitamins, necessary nutrients, with therapeutic effects, and with lifting effects. To determine the appropriate shade for you, apply a small amount of foundation to the line of Chin. Shade, suitable for you, on the skin should be almost unnoticeable.

Apply powder, using a special brush with light movements from top to bottom. To make your makeup look perfect in all lighting conditions, apply it in natural light. Powder will help to keep the foundation basis in place for longer and remove greasy luster.

Before you can use shadows it is recommended to apply a concealer or eyeshadow primer on the eyelids. This will help shadow to stay much longer.

Before you apply lipstick, it’s better to use moisturizing tool that will help prevent them from cracking and peeling. Before applying lipstick, draw lip contour using pencil it make lipstick last longer–and will not stick.

If you are interested in classes to help you create your own personal look, and you live or visiting in Winnipeg, please feel free to contact me a book your one on one meeting. I’ll be happy to train you and help to find your image.