Fall-Winter Makeup Trends

Inspired by the snow flakes, cold colors on the other hand nostalgia and a touch of
warm colors of summer and fall. Cold season hugs with bright eye shadow with light
blue shimmer light that bring a memory clear glaciers.

Natural-toned skin cream foundation to create a smooth texture.

Palette of colors of eye shadows is a huge range of bluish gray tones and some green
and some shiny textures Metallic Matt with a touch of elegance, providing luxurious

To accent eyes, bold upper eyelid dark eyeliner and eye pencil the same shade of the
lower eyelid. Mascara is “must”, to complete the upgraded and made-up appearance of
the eyes.

On the other hand because of the winter range of colors are a combination of the plate
against the cold colors – blue, green and gray with powerful warm colors of Bordeaux –
wine, deep red and overwhelming with Coral and soft pastel.

Eye makeup in shades of deep blue green and gray, smoky makeup technique, which
requires careful application of the shadow and blending. Eyeliner makes a big comeback
and it helps highlight shows eye sweetbreads, feminine and mysterious.

Blushes and lipsticks with a metallic touch with medium degree of dark to light.