Ice Cubes Not Only In Your Drink, But On Your Skin

To keep your skin look young and beautiful, you can help it with ice cubes. The only condition – the ice must be properly prepared. For cosmetic purposes use, it’s not regular ice from the freezer, but infusions made ​​from herbs and other ingredients.

People use ice in cosmetology for very long time now. Ice cubes used to wipe the face and neck, and add them into the water for washing and cleansing. Ice cubes for face is very easy to make at home.

Ice Cubes for face: What, How, Why?
Ice is toning great, rejuvenating, refreshing skin, helps it to wake up, stimulates metabolic processes in the skin, makes it more elastic, closes pores.

To get the maximum effect, the procedure has to be done in the morning and evening. You should use ice only on skin that was cleaned from any cosmetics.

Take an Ice Cube in your hand and massage into skin in different directions on your face and neck. It’s better not to wipe your face with a towel, let it air dry.

Cosmetic ice is made not only from a simple purified water, but also from herbal decoctions, green tea, mineral water, fruit juices.

Note that if you have a predisposition to couperose or have wounds on the skin or any inflammation, better to give up the procedure of wiping the skin with ice.

How to make an ice Cubes for face.
The prepared decoction or water, simply pour into a mold or in special bags for ice. Then when the fluid is frozen. You can use Ice Cubes for Face. It is recommended to keep ice cubes not more then 3-7 days.

Here is a few recipes for cosmetic ice:

Get the leaves of aloe, store them in a fridge for 11 days, squeeze juice out of it and mix it with infusion of sage in 1:3 ratio. Freeze it.
One more version: In a glass of boiled water dissolve a tablespoon of salt, freeze.

Whitening and Cleaning Skin
Rinse and cook rice in lots of water. When it’s overcooked, Strain decoction and freeze it.

For Dry Skin
One and a half tablespoons of any red berries pour in a glass of cold water. Strain in three hours and the resulting liquid freeze.

For Oily Skin
Combine the decoction marigolds in the proportion 2:1 with the juice of cucumber and a few drops of lemon juice. Freeze.

Fruit ice cubes
Freeze in molds for ice watermelon juice, or dilute fruit juice with water and freeze.

Ice cubes from herbal concoctions
It is useful to wipe the skin with ice from a decoction of chamomile, parsley, succession, sage, peppermint, valerian, dill. Such ice for the face is suitable for almost any skin.