Make-Up Lessons “Lips”


Make-Up Lessons

A Basic Lip  Lesson from the Master Kevin Aucoin









The mouth is an immediate attention getter and the effect lipstick can have on creating the right mood is amazing. From “erotic” to “demure” the selection of the right product and shade can be great fun.







Line the lips, using your choice of pencil, keeping to the natural lip line.







If you choose to reshape the mouth, a bit of concealer covering the natural lip
line will help make the finished shape look more realistic. Then, fill in the
entire mouth with the pencil.






Next take a lip brush and fill in the entire mouth up to the same edge as the
lip pencil.












Kevyn’s Quick Tips for Making Your Lips Look Their Best

  1.      Putting  powder over the top of the first coat of lipstick, then reapplying will help it to last longer.
  2.      To blot lips more evenly, separate a 2-ply tissue and use one sheet at   time. Blot your lips, then re-apply lipstick, then blot again. This  absorbs        excess  oil and leaves the pigment. Good for your own smudge-proof,
    long-lasting effect.
  3.    Play with the balance of your face by using dark colors on the eyes and ligt colors on the mouth or vice versa. See how it also changes the proportion
    of your features.
  4.    I personally prefer to line the lips with a neutral lip pencil, even if the  lip color over that is a bright shade. This way the finished mouth looks
    more natural and if the color fades or is “chewed” off, the  layer underneath is not a bright orange or red.
  5.    When going from your day look to evening, try simply recurling your lashes and adding a stronger lip color.