Makeup For Pregnant Women

You are expecting a baby, but want to look stylish and modern?! Excellent!!! Pregnancy makes a woman incredibly beautiful, she becomes even more feminine and sexy, now all you need to do is to well-emphasize this fragile beauty.

Hair Style for future mom

Forget  about  Grandma’s signs how you shouldn’t cut or color your hair while you pregnant. You can and You should! Stylish Modern Hair Style will  make any woman happy, especially pregnant one, and it will be really good for your baby, you know “Happy mommy –  Happy baby”!

BUT! Hair coloring has to be maximum quality, to get a hair color is recommended to get at good Hair Salon, that uses professional products and colors. In addition, visiting a salon always gives you a positive emotions, so do not save on yourself and baby!

BUT! I don’t advise during pregnancy dramatically change a hairstyle and hair color, It is well known that pregnant women especially sensitive, And bad haircut can ruin your mood for a long time.

Makeup for pregnant women.

Pregnancy – time for hormonal changes, and not all future moms can show off a perfect skin condition. So usually expected moms jump to extreme – some of them just stop using makeup and never look into the mirror, but some of them apply a thick layer of makeup, trying to even out complexion. Both types are wrong.

Makeup for future mom is a MUST, but it should be very light, that makes you feel more confident and pretty. Pimples could be hidden by thin layer of concealer, mineral or liquid oil free foundation is the best way to even out skin, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick or a gloss a little darker than your natural lip
color is the way to go.

BUT! Forget about this complicated makeup application, layering eye shadows, thick textures of foundation and powders. The best choice for a pregnant woman is a natural looking makeup. And as we getting closer to winter, especially here in Winnipeg, don’t forget to moisturize and use a good quality eye and face products. It is your skin, you have to love it and it will love you back!

As you can see – pregnancy is not a reason to say no to great looking hair style and makeup.