Primers, The must have for your makeup routine


Let’s talk a little bit about what primers are and what are they used for.

So what is Primer?

We are talking about a product that is based on moisturizing ingredients and works under your foundation. It creates some kind of buffering between your skin and foundation which helps and makes the makeup application way easier and smoother. With this being said this is not the only job that primer does, it can improve the appearance of the skin surface and extend the life of the makeup. Doesn’t it make sense to you to have your beautiful makeup that you’ve been working so hard on in the morning to stay on longer hours and not worrying about it wearing of in a couple of hours?! Especially if you have a special event or even just a long day at work.

Today there are a few types of primers, every one of them has their own “mission”. As I promised earlier I am putting to test a few different Primers with different “missions” and different price range and I’ll put together a review and compare them. So stay tuned.

To extend it even more there are Primers for the Face, for your Eyelids, for Lips and even Eyelashes.

Primer for Face
The most used product, usually used before applying foundation. Leaves you face feeling smooth and silky. Keeps your foundation in place for longer hours.

Primer for Eyelids
Used on your eyelids, before you apply eyeshadow. Keeps you eyeshadow smudge and fade proof for long and makes the eyeshadow go more vivid.

Primer for Lips
Used on your lips, under lipstick/lip gloss, soften dryer, chapped lips and prepares the surface of the lips for the lip product application without bleeding, especially important for the smokers.

Primer for Eyelashes
Used on your eyelashes, before you apply mascara to add extra volume.


A few important tricks that the Primers are used for today are to blur out fine lines and wrinkles, to add radiance to a dull skin, there are hydrating primers, mattifiyng, moisturizing, color correcting primers… so as you can see there is a solution to any situation. Just choose the right one for You and have fun, cause as you all know Makeup is Fun!