Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review

About 2 weeks ago I received a Revlon Mascara for review from the “Influencter” .

I’ve put it to the test for some time and here are my thoughts.

With this mascara, you get very natural lashes look, especially since I got mine in brown black it looks even more natural. The huge plus is, that it doesn’t flake, so you don’t get this nice panda eyes by the end of a day 😉 , you all know what I mean. This mascara is tubing type, wich means that it’s very easy to wash off at night.

The cons of the Mascara…. well.. you can’t reapply during the day, so if you are adding more eye makeup, or switching looks, you’ll have to take it off completely before you that. And if you are looking for huge eyelashes… probably it’s not it.

The bottom line, I like this mascara for everyday makeup application ( for me it would be, light foundation, mascara and lipgloss). I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for the natural look and easy maintenance.