Your Face, Your Canvas

Similar to how Michelangelo chiseled beautiful statues from unshaped blocks of marble, a makeup artist uses their brushes and pigments to highlight the intricacies and beauty of the human face. Unfortunately, the transformative power of makeup is often times underestimated. We are all guilty of it: we stick with what we know, and are afraid of taking risks. For how long have you bought the same foundation, blush or lipstick? How many years have you stuck with the same routine? Do you change your makeup with the season, the weather, your age?

We go out of our way to glam up our looks for special occasions and holidays, but for everyday life, we employ the very same techniques that we were taught by our moms, friends, and friendly cosmetic sales girls, years ago. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tried and true. Sometimes mascara and gloss is all there is time for, I’m busy too, I understand, but when we fall into that dangerous trap, we are underutilizing our makeup.

Makeup has the power to transform faces. With the creative use of paint and powder a person can become anything they desire; a zombie, a beauty queen, an old woman, a celebrity. No creation is impossible in the hands of a seasoned pro.

Maybe it is time to change the way that we look at our faces and our makeup bags. Not only is a face something that we cleanse, tone, moisturize, and paint, it is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. And how about that collection of makeup underneath your bathroom sink? They are the tools which make the transformation possible. “But where do I start?” I am glad you asked. Curiosity is the first step toward makeup perfection.

It is important to assess what makeup looks are most attractive to you. Do you like the classic red lip? Do you prefer the drama of a smoldering Smokey-eye? After becoming acquainted with your makeup tastes, you can begin the journey of education, experimentation, and ultimately transformation. There are a multitude of places where you can take the next steps.

YouTube offers a wealth of tutorials and products reviews from many perspectives. Keep in mind that makeup tutorials are often geared towards certain face shapes and complexions, so be sure to alter things a little to suit your canvas. Blogs, just like this one, can also be a great resource for learning tricks of the trade, and to gain inspiration from other artists.

Once you have the know how, dig into your makeup kit and start creating. Don’t get hung up on which products are the best, the most expensive, or the most popular, you can start with what you already own.

Who says you can’t use lipstick as blush or concealer as a highlighter? There is no right or wrong in art. How you choose to beautify your own canvas is up to you. What matters is that you feel confident and beautiful.